Serck Automotive is the sole UK distributor and preferred partner of one of the world’s leading thermostat manufacturers – who produce in excess of 16 million units per annum and are accredited with ISO/TS16949 certification, supplying some of the world’s major vehicle manufacturers. A complete aftermarket range is available, ranging from the traditional all-metal type to the latest thermostats in both aluminium and plastic housings.

The pace of automotive development has been considerable in advances in thermostat design to cater for the performance hungry vehicles currently available. Integral switches are one development, while some vehicles require thermostats for engine and EGR valve cooling and are sometimes linked into engine management systems.The highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing process, including high quality stainless steel and copper that resist the corrosive effects of engine coolant for the life of the vehicle. Further benefits include the stabilisation of pressure in the cooling system and a reduced delay in engine warm-up. All thermostats are 100% tested and calibrated, ensuring correct start-up to open temperature and maximum operating temperature. To meet the requirements of European, Japanese and Asian Pacific vehicles, thermostats can be specified with ‘jiggle valves’, while gasket sets can also be supplied if required.

Key Features

  • OE Supplier Range
  • ISO/TS16949 certified
  • Classic and modern vehicles
  • Highest quality materials
  • 100% tested and calibrated
  • Thermostats for engine and EGR valve cooling
  • Covers European, Japanese and Asian Pacific models
  • Latest technology
  • Large stocks held

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